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Carillon Cottage houses a community information centre serving the wider community of Wadhurst, Tidebrook and Stonegate.

The services are available to all and it is staffed by welcoming volunteers Monday to Saturday mornings every  week. 

The Cottage offers a wide range of services to benefit every social and age group within the community from young to old and is entirely self-funded. It is the hub for the area, providing a meeting place for local groups, Parish Council and MP’s surgeries and offering both residents and visitors general advice and practical neighbourly help in an open and friendly manner.

How can we help? - select and click from the top of the page or contact us on 01892 785658


Our Information Centre is staffed by a team of volunteers. Some attend a half day session each week, others help out on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

We have a team of volunteer drivers, some of whom provide lifts in the local area on one day every 4 – 6 weeks on a planned rota basis. Others provide lifts to hospitals in our area as and when required.

We always need more help.

If you would like to find out more about joining us,

you can phone or call in and talk to one of our Team Leaders.

What People Say

"Every time I went in it was so lovely and I had long chats with the volunteers"

"I've lived in Wadhurst all my life. It's changed but it's still a very good community. If someone needs help and is unsure if Carillon Cottage can help,

just ring them up or call in and ask. It's a wonderful service"

"Sometimes I didn't know who would pick me up for the hospital  visit but I knew someone would and they never failed me.''

"I do enjoy working at Carillon Cottage. It's an opportunity to sit and chat to people. I am not a

church-goer; there is still a bit of a perception

that Carillon Cottage is "churchy" but it isn't"

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Carillon Cottage is owned by Wadhurst Parish Church P.C.C. and serves the communities of Wadhurst,Stonegate and Tidebrook.