We are now open

Monday - Saturday

9:30am - 12:30pm

The cottage will be open to all from Monday 12th April for mornings only (but telephone lines remain open all day) 

We welcome all who want to use our services or just want to pop in to say "Hello! "

Our team of volunteers will be ready to help.

We ask for masks to be worn and sanitiser to be used, and with social distancing in place, we hope to continue to provide a safe and friendly place to welcome all visitors with enquiries or just a friendly smile!

Crowd with Masks

Hearing Aid Maintenance appointments

Our maintenance session is on

Tuesday 1st June from 10am until 12 noon

Please call the office numbers to register an appointment time.

The office number is 01892 785658 / 784191

We supply batteries during regular office hours.

The next date for maintenance appointments is

Tuesday 1st June.

Dot, one of our stalwart volunteers, is walking 9K to raise funds for Carillon Cottage on Sunday 30th May. She has supported Carillon Cottage for the 20 years we've been open and continues with this fantastic gesture!

Please give generously for the continued work of the Cottage. Thank you for your support.

Carillon Cottage has a team of volunteer drivers standing by to drive Belmont Surgery patients to the Covid vaccination clinics in Crowborough.

If you have received an appointment from the surgery for an anti-Covid jab and have no transport to get to Crowborough, nor any friends or family who can take you, then call the Cottage and they will organise a driver for you, complete with PPE.  

There is no charge for these journeys, but as a Charity the Cottage would welcome donations.

If you have an appointment, and need a drive, call 01892 782068 or 785658 any time and leave a message.

The Cottage is continuing to provide help with shopping, picking up medicines, drives to all hospital or surgery appointments (not just for vaccinations), hearing aid supplies and much more.

Wadhurst Open Gardens

This event has been postponed until 2022 for the safety of our gardeners and our visitors.

One of our volunteers has been growing veg plants to help raise funds for us. She has a variety of them ready for growing on. See our online presence for more details.

We have an instagram presence "Wadhurst Open Garden" where we will be posting photographs of local gardens and comments about gardening in general. There is also a Facebook page of the same name and of course, Carillon Cottage's Facebook page. All these will be running through-out the period of isolation and beyond. Please do join in and keep in touch.

This is our annual fundraising event, reaching out to the whole community, and providing  a very enjoyable event involving the whole village. From small beginnings, the event has grown and is now the major fundraiser for the Cottage, attracting visitors from near and far.

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon, generally held in June, than to wander around lovely gardens, large and small, enjoy a cream tea and buy a plant to remind you of the day.